Asprosys Resources for Developers

Asprosys - Ongoing Projects

AsproSet - Unmanaged Memory Access - A class library giving .Net developers easy access to unmanaged memory, shared memory and sparse memory arrays. At version
AsproSort - High Performance Sorting - A class library giving .Net developers easy access to higher performance versions of several sorting algorithms, outperforming the builtin .Net versions by up to 70%. At version
AsproKey - Advanced Registry Access - Classes and components allowing advanced Registry access for .Net. Registry key monitor, profile loader, MUI strings, etc. At version
AsproLock - Access Control and More - Provides access control functions for Services, Shares, Processes and all the other securable objects not included with the .Net framework. Still under development - at version
AsproHook - .Net Windows Hooks - Full access to the Windows messaging system through local and global hooks. Still under development - at version

Asprosys - Code Samples

Launching an Interactive Process From a Service - Sample of how to launch a process into an interactive session from a service. Shows how to avoid security issues and session isolation.
Launching a Process With New Credentials - Sample of how to launch a process with new credentials from a service. Shows how to handle Desktop\WindowStation security.

Blogs, Articles and FAQs

Omphalos - Our technical blog.
Joel On Software - Blog site for the founder of Fogcreek Software. The articles and the associated discussion groups have gone severely down hill in the last few years but mine the archives. There are a number of useful, extremely well written articles in there.
The Old New Thing - Raymond Chen's blog about Windows development from the insider's point of view. You may think that because you are a .Net programmer you don't need to know anything about C++ and Win32 development but you would be wrong.

Other Links

Stack Overflow - Currently the best Q & A forum for .Net developers.
MSDN Forums - The official Microsoft Q & A forums, decent quality but signal to noise ratio is far too low. The clunky, slow UI doesn't help.
Code Project - The original and best MS-centric development article and code sample site. Jam packed with useless dross but a phenomenal number of gems in there as well.