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AsproKey - Advanced Registry Access

While the Registry has gone out of style for a variety of reasons, some good, some bad, it is still the repository for a lot of legacy information as well as still being a valid choice for configuration data storage for many current uses. Even if you don't like using the Registry it is still out there and you may need to interact with it at any time.

Similarly INI files have theoretically been consigned to the dustbins of Win16 history. And yet they are still widely used as driver information files and application configuration files for the simple reason that they are the most elegant, straightforward solutions to the storage of simple key/value pairs.

In designing the .Net framework Microsoft included some basic, solid classes for simple Registry access and nothing else. But how can you monitor registry changes? This is not an arcane and seldom used function but rather a powerful tool used frequently by service developers. Load Registry hives and profiles, often invaluable when impersonating. Create volatile keys. Work with INI files. None of this is included in the .Net framework nor will it ever be.

This is the what and the why of AsproKey, a small library that gives the .Net developer access to the many registry related functions not included with the .Net Framework. Whether or not you like INI files, even if you think that the Registry is an abomination, the need for the tool exists and Asprosys provides the tool.
There are no plans to add features to AsproKey at this time other than improving the docmentation and possibly providing some examples. But we are always open to suggestions so if you have a feature request post it on the AsproTools Discussion Board.