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Asprosys is committed to providing the highest quality tools to developers and software development shops whether open source or commercial. In this role as software engineering tool provider we have launched two lines of software. AsproTools a line of .Net libraries helping developers to increase their options when developing for the .Net platform. And AsproConnect a line of products designed to enable small to medium software development organisations to plug in to some of the best software engineering tools available.



Over the years we at Asprosys have accumulated a large collection of routines and small libraries giving us access to many of the operating system facilities that were not included in the .Net Framework. Over the same time period we have seen many developers using poor work-arounds for these same missing features in the mistaken belief that they couldn't, or shouldn't, deviate from the '.Net Way'. Or, even worse, introducing subtle bugs through incorrect usage of a number of PInvoke and COM Interop calls.

In light of this Asprosys has decided to develop a line of software components for developers to enhance the .Net Framework with additional access to the underlying operating system without sacrificing the ease of use and clarity that .Net brings to the table.

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When Microsoft released the Visual Studio Team Editions and Team Foundation Server they provided an end to end software engineering experience for their customers, but at a price. A price that can be measured in dollars, complexity and lack of flexibility. A price that is well beyond what many development shops are prepared to pay.

AsproConnect is Asprosys' commitment to providing the glue that can connect many of the finest commercial and open source software engineering products in an agile and affordable system. Beginning with our first product release, slated for the 2nd quarter of 2010, we commit to providing the right tools at the right price.