AsproTools is a line of software components for developers designed to enhance the .Net Framework with additional access to the underlying operating system without sacrificing the ease of use and clarity that .Net brings to the table.

The Win32 API has many more than 15,000 methods and more are being added every version. The .Net Framework encapsulates a large number of those API calls but it would be impractical for Microsoft to re-implement every aspect of every API call in .Net. To address these inevitable discrepancies Asprosys has launched the AsproTools line of free open-source software components for .Net developers.


AsproSet - Unmanaged Memory For Everyone

Access unmanaged memory from any .Net program with ease. Share the contents of an array with another process. Map the contents of a file directly into your process' address space. Create sparsely populated arrays that can encompass huge volumes while using very little physical memory or swap file. Create memory blocks for use with COM Interop or PInvoke. Break the 2GB array size barrier.

All of this is available and more with the AsproSet library available from Asprosys. More ...


AsproSort - Bring Order Faster

The builtin sorting routines of the .Net Framework may work well in most cases but just because it comes with your framework doesn't mean it is always right for you. Whether it is sorting an array with Array.Sort or an arbitrary list with Linq's OrderBy<T, K> your performance may be suffering, significantly.

Access to alternative sorting routines for .Net in the AsproSort library from Asprosys. More ...


AsproKey - Advanced Registry Access

Monitor registry changes. Load hives and profiles. Create volatile keys. Work with INI files. Perform the many registry related functions not included with the .Net Framework registry classes.

AsproKey is another component library from the AsproTools line. More ...


AsproLock - Access Control

Trying to launch a process as another user but getting security errors? Have a Windows Service to which access must be controlled? Facing one of the many difficult to access Windows security functions? AsproLock is a small library that exposes the Windows security subsystem for use by the .Net programmer.

Coming soon in AsproLock, a new member of the AsproTools family. More ...