AsproSet - Unmanaged Memory for .Net

Managed execution environments are supposed to do away with messy things like memory management, pointers and raw buffer manipulation, so why are you visiting a web page promoting a raw memory management library for one of the premiere managed environments around? Well...

Have you ever wondered why there are no SafeHandles for memory operations but there are for almost all other unmanaged resource access?

Have you ever needed to share large amounts of data between multiple processes and were left with the option of using an outrageous Remoting(or WCF) solution or moving to C++?

Have you worked on large scale 64-bit applications and found yourself running up against the 2GB collection size limit?

Have you needed to perform random access operations on a large file and found the performance substandard?

The answer to all these questions, and more, is the AsproSet unmanaged memory access library. AsproSet provides carefully crafted wrappers around many of the advanced OS features that have been given short shrift by the .Net designers. Download the AsproSet library to try it for yourself or go to the AsproSet project page for more information.